Photo Retouching Services

Making Your Images Stand Out With Photo Retouching Services

photo retouching servicesPhotographs can be changed in many different ways to create deception or illusion. These can be done through digital or analog means. Most of today’s photographs are manipulate digitally by photo retouching services that have the knowledge to manipulate and change photographs to the specifications of their clients.

Tools Used for Photo Manipulation

When we digitally edit photographs a picture is first taken with a digital camera and then put onto a computer for editing. The photograph can then have negatives,  or transparencies created and then be printed. Be might use a scanner to create photographs of objects or buy them through stock photography databases online.

With computes editing can refer to everything we can do to a photograph once it’s on a computer. We can change the color balance, the contrasts, or we may move pieces of the photograph or even add new ones to create a completely different image. We might change the sign in the background or even create our own custom background for the images such as a white background to display a piece of clothing, for example. We can us software to apply effects and the resulting image might not even resemble the original photograph we put into he computer. In the past we just didn’t have all these options to work with and manipulate photographs in this fashion. This manipulation of photographs is a new art-form and it’s used in all forms of business including retail where product images are often manipulated to get the results a client wants.

Types of Digital Re-Touching

Technical Retouching

When we work on the technical side of photograph manipulation we are changing the color, contrast, the white balance, sharpness, or removing elements we don’t want.

Creative Retouching

photo retouching serviceSometimes in addition to just editing the photograph to look better we want to get creative with it. We might want a fancy image for fashion, beauty, advertising and other uses. One such creative technique is image-compositing where an artist will use multiple photos to create a single composited image. Today we use many 3D elements in our images to make them unique. Most of these techniques are just too difficult when taking a regular photograph or even in a studio situation.

 Image Manipulation History

Before we used computers our photographs were retouched by using ink, double-exposure, paint, scratching Polaroid’s, or piecing together our negatives in a darkroom. We used airbrushes for manipulation hence the term “airbrushing.” Our tool and technologies were naturally not as advanced as they are now. As far back as the 1860s we had photograph manipulation when a photo of Abraham Lincoln was manipulated by using the body of John C. Calhoun and Mr. Lincoln’s head. This formed the basis for the original Lincoln five-dollar bill.

The 1980s saw programs such as Paintbox and Scitex workstations. In the late 1980s we had Barco Creator. All these packages were eventually replaced by Adobe Photoshop which we still use today to manipulate and change our images.

Getting the Best Images with Photo Retouching Services

A Photo retouching service can take that good photo and change it into something even better. Your photograph might not be exactly just what you want. Perhaps you want to remove the background or add in some other element to it. An editing service can do this for you and turn a basic photograph into something truly unique for your business or individual needs. There are many techniques for creating great looking photos online and these services can help you find just the right look for your needs. They are also able to do this in bulk if you have many photographs that need changing. You can have your photographs ready for whatever project you want to do or to make your products and other website materials more attractive your customers and clients.

We all know just how powerful photograph can be and an image retouching service can make those photographs just that more powerful on your website. That first impression is all important and it’s what makes your website stand out from the average crowd.


Photo Retouching Services can apply a wide variety of changes to your images to make them stand out or change them to suite your needs. Some techniques include:

  • Color and contrast corrections
  • Enhancing the cosmetics of the image
  • Removing objects or people from the image
  • Adding in new elements
  • Changing the background of the image
  • Adding better dimension and depth to the image
  • Remove image blemishes such as skin blemishes on people or other marks that distract from the visual appeal

Your Photo Needs are covered with Clipapic Photo Editing Services

It doesn’t matter what your photograph needs are.  Photo retouching services can change your photos to suite whatever you want and desire. It doesn’t matter how big or small your order is they have the skills to make any photograph look the best it can be. These services are perfect if you have images lying around and you don’t have the time to work on them or even know how to begin. They can have images ready for your business during those important holidays when you need to make sales or just when you have specials on and need to move products.

They can work with your images and get them to the specifications that you desire. They have all the tools necessary and will work with you through the process so your images stand out. Take your dull images to the next level and change them with these services. When people visit your website it’s your images that often make them stay there and keep looking. If your products have poor images you’re just not going to get the sales that you’re looking for. That first impression is important for your client. If someone can’t see a good image on a product there’s a good change they aren’t going to buy it. Photo retouching services are your best to ensure your images are not only the best they can be but it’s a good financial decision too. If your images are great then your site visitors are going to get a good impression about you and they might just bring you more revenues.

Make sure you know What You Want

Have a good idea on what you want before you contact these services. Typically orders can be turn around in a short time. Your order will go smoothly if you make sure that the service has a good idea of exactly what you want. In many cases you can send them a sample of what you want. The more you discuss your needs with Clipapic the better your finished product is going to be.

Get in touch with us to discuss your photo retouching needs.