Photo Editing

Photo Editing Services We Offer

Clipping Path – Photo Editing

We provide all types of clipping path photo editing service, for example clipping path to remove background from an image and multiple clipping path for colour correction. All paths we provide are 100% handmade using Pen Tool in Photoshop. We never use an automated tool such as Magic Wand which may able to remove background very quickly but as we know the quality background removal is only possible by the Pen Tool in Photoshop.

Photoshop Image Masking Photo Editing Service

If you have images that have object like hair or the edge of the image is blurry/not sharp, and you need to remove background from those images then photoshop masking is must in order to remove background while keeping the object details intact. Because pen tool is applicable to images with sharp edge only. We use the very latest tools and techniques of Photoshop Masking to achieve the best possible result. No matter whether the background is dark, gradient or multicolour we are still able to get good result out of it.

Drop Shadow Photo Editing Service

If you have product or model photography images that already have drop shadow in them, and you want to remove background while keeping the shadow intact, we can do that as well. Depending on your need we can either keep the original shadow or generate new shadow which will look 100% natural.

In addition to drop shadow, we also provide mirroring effect or reflection shadow which gives additional shiny and glassy effect to an image.

Image Manipulation Photo Editing Service

Taking one part from an image and placing and blending that into another image is what we call Image Manipulation. After the manipulation is done you won’t understand that the image was built from two different photograph. We provide all types of image manipulation services e.g. removing a mannequin neck and replacing with another part of the shirt to make a complete shirt.