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Currently Worldwide, the demand for clipping path services is very high. Within photo industries such as, digital photographer, graphic design and website design, advertising agency, catalogue companies and many others clipping services are seen as vital. As it is quite expensive to hire  professional designers in countries like the UK, Europe, America and so on, it is best to outsource this kind of service to a low labour cost country. And nowadays many people worldwide are already doing so. By outsourcing to  professional clipping services, you could save your time, money and any extra headaches that may come up.

At Clip A Pic, we pride ourselves on providing clipping services to some of the best companies in the World. We provide them with services such as background drop out, photo editing, retouching, manipulation and many others.  Our main office is based in the UK, with our production office based in a low labour region of India, we are able to provide very cheap clipping services while still maintaining the highest possible standards.


Why Use Clipping Service To Remove Background?

There are several different reasons why a clipping path is used to remove background from an image (while there are still some other ways to do the same work).

  1. Quality – There is no better option that can claim the same quality which a clipping path drawn by pen tool can offer.
  2. A clipping path can be applied to almost any kind of file format including JPG, and then placed directly into a layout in e.g. InDesign, this way the file size is reduced.
  3. After a certain amount of experience using the pen tool, anybody can deal with it very fast while maintaining top quality.
  4. A clipping path can be edited at any time simply by using the same pen tool.
  5. Flatness can also be applied for images that have a soft edge.
  6. It is the fastest and easiest method.

Who Needs A Clipping Service or Clipping Path Services?

In today’s world, many individuals and companies need clipping path service.  Specially those are involved within digital photographs like photographers, catalog companies, advertising agencies, photographic studios, magazine companies, printing press, web development and graphic design companies.

How Much It Cost To Outsource Your Clipping Path Service at Clip A Pic?

The cost for our clipping service depends on the complexity level of an image, the quantity, and the required turnaround time. At Clip A Pic, our price for clipping path service starts from only £0.69GBP  per image. At Clip A Pic, we provide all quotations within one hour, so our clients don’t need to be worry about getting a quote for their images, just request for a quote and get the price within one hour, and in your case it may be 10 or 20 minutes only.

Main Benefits Of Outsourcing To Our Clipping  Service –

Low cost clipping service

Quick turnaround

Satisfaction guarantee

Quotation within one hour

Volume discount

Triple check quality control

24 hours email support

All types of photo treatment service available

Easy and flexible services

Huge amount of image processing capacity

Work schedule of team is 24/7- 365 days

Clip A Pic – Clipping Service