Clipping Path

What Is A Clipping Path?

A Clipping Path is a closed vector path or shape, used to cut out an image in
image editing software like Adobe Photoshop. Once the path is
created, a clipping path is then applied on it so that anything outside the
path will be omitted when you place the file into Illustrator, InDesign or
any web developing software and anything inside the path will remain same as before.

Before Clipping Path Clipping path is used to remove a background from any image or photograph. When considering quality background removal there is no alternative to clipping paths. It is the primary service of Clip A Pic and it is our speciality…


What is a clipping path & what are its uses?

Clipping paths are hard-edged vectors or a masking technique that highlights a particular area of an image and removes unwanted image elements. A clipping path is typically used to remove the background from any image or it may be used to transform an image into different shapes. Clipping paths can be created in specific graphics software then exported with an image as an embedded path or alpha channel. Alternatively  they can be drawn directly in some  applications.
Clipping paths are often used in websites, catalogues, flyers, brochure, magazines, posters, e-commerce websites and many other applications. As a result clipping path service has become so popular to photographers, publishing houses, graphics design services, web developers etc.

How is the clipping path made?

Adobe Photoshop – primarily,but also using Illustrator, Fireworks, CorelDraw , Quark Xpress etc.. A  Clipping Path creates a outline around the object that needs to be cutout from the rest of the pixels or areas. In Adobe Photoshop, the paths are drawn with Pentool and then the Photoshop Path is saved as Clipping Path with desired Flatness. JPEG, TIFF and PSD files are vastly used in clipping path services. Image clipping techniques can be applied on any types of images, only their complexity levels and service types may vary.

Clip A Pic – clipping path services: run a dedicated team providing (handmade) clipping path services with maximum accuracy at relatively low cost. Clip A Pic will save you  time and reduce your costs vastly. You can upload images without a path; and within your specified time, you can download these same images with an appropriate clipping path made according to your instructions. Our easy ftp upload system will save your time  while seamlessly integrating into your production work flow for clipping path.