How Does It Work

Clip A Pic is all about simplicity and user-friendliness.

The entire procedure is self-explanatory. Simply click the Send Us Your Image button and email your image to us. We will then reply to you with any further details we may need which may include –

1. Instructions for editing the image – retouching, clipping path, background removal etc…
2. Output format you require – Jpeg, PSD etc..
3. The number of images you will need editing.
4. How often you will need a batch completed

We will then reply with a quote..

how our service works

Complexity & Pricing

The price per image depends on the complexity of the object that is to clipped/edited. In order to determine a certain job’s total price, we have divided the images into categories. Our clipping path/background removal prices start from £0.89 – this will vary greatly depending on quantities required.

You will receive a final quotation in advance, specifying the cost of processing your images (per image).
If the image is very complexed then we may need to quote based on the time it will take to complete.

Image Transfer Options

The standard method for sending images takes place using the Clip A Pic server (via ftp). We simply setup an ftp account for you where you can easily upload large batches of images. We can also provide clear instructions if you have no experience of ftp.

Payment Options (We can accept the following methods of payment)

Credit Card Debit Card – Google Checkouts
Direct Bank Payments

Payment terms are strictly in advance unless other wise agreed with Clip A Pic.

To get a free quote for your image editing needs just click on the button below to send us a sample of your images.