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Our Clipping Path Service

Peel away any background and replace it with any background your choose. If you have a website where your product images simply do not fit then why not use our clipping path service to change out your backgrounds. We provide a clipping path service produced by some of the world’s best Photoshop specialists.
Each image we work on is carefully edited and precisely processed using our eight years of experience in the photo editing industry.

Using the Adobe photo shop pen tool, our clipping path team hand draws a path. The path is drawn around the image that needs isolating. The isolated part is usually  to be removed from an unwanted background. The isolated part of the image can then be placed onto a new background or in fact any background in the future.

What’s Included?

Our clipping path service includes –

– Path creation using Adobe Photoshop pen tool
– The ability to create multiple clipping paths for color correction and retouching
– A choice of backgrounds that include plain white, transparent or any custom color you may need.
– We can also place your isolated image onto a custom background
– Also included are unlimited revisions until you are happy with your clipping path and image.

You can also combine our clipping path service with a variety of other techniques such as drop shadows, reflections and retouching.

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Service That Cannot Be Beaten


question markHow Do I Send Images?

We provide simple methods for fast upload and download of your images including email, ftp and web based upload. We will find the most convenient way for you to send and receive images. We can even accept email send/receive if you want to keep things simple!

question markAre My Images Secure?

We provide 100% secure image storage and retrieval. We never share or use your images for any other purpose than what you tell us. After 30 days all images are automatically deleted from our servers.

question markNext Day Delivery?

We provide next day delivery on our image editing services. In fact, for smaller batches we can send your images back same day.

question markCan I Get A Free Trial?

Yes, we provide a free trial image to all our business customers. Simply click on the banner below and you can send us a free trial image to work on.

free trial clipping path service

What is a Clipping Path Service?

It may seem technical though a clipping path service refers to Photoshop editing. We use Specialists to essentially clip an object or objects out from their original context. By doing this, these images can be relocated elsewhere or otherwise used for Photoshop purposes. For the most part, our Photoshop specialists rely on the pen tool to accomplish their desired result.

Without having a specialist handle the clipping path, you’re open to all kinds of issues. Mainly, some degree of the background is almost always going to be left in and/or some amount of the object you’re targeting will get cut out. The end result will therefore suffer. What’s more is that without using a specialist, the process can be painstaking, arduous and take seemingly forever.

What to Look for in Clipping Path Services

Although this service may sound simple enough, there are all kinds of companies and specialists who may handle it in different ways. While all of them use Adobe Photoshop and most use the pen tool to facilitate the operation, some may use other options to carry out the work.

You’ll want to go with a company that creates a variety of clipping services, so you have the option to correct color and do some retouching. Otherwise, you’ll be left with whatever the photograph was able or unable to capture.

As most people who are using this service will be doing so for the purposes of having a new background added in, be sure your choice of specialist is up to the task.

Other Services

While many of the services we just covered will come standard with a clipping path service, you may require other options too. Things like reflections, drop shadows and retouching are all helpful depending on the desired effect you’re looking for so be sure to look into whether or not these are offered by the same company or specialist you’re using.

Best of all, with our clipping path service, you don’t have to wait around for weeks without results. We’ll get the finished product back to you within 24 hours. Plus, uploading your image and transferring it to us couldn’t be any easier.

If you’re not quite sold on our service yet, perhaps a free trial will help. We’re happy to show you what we can do, risk-free, so you can be confident you’re getting great images.

free trial clipping path service