The Complete Guide To Optimize Your Product Images for Ecommerce Success

Have you ever wondered about the importance of image presentation for your online store? Perhaps you feel as long as you have posted some sort of image in your store then the product will sell itself?Actually, images reflect a number of things about your products and business as a whole. Whilst helping build a brand with consistent images, porfessional images portray products in the best possible light – don’t forget a person may not have seen the product in ‘real life’ . The truth is that great images can convert browsers of a website into buyers and this is what every online store owner wants!clothing product images

The Complete Guide To Optimize Your Product Images for Ecommerce Success – Part One

So we have put together an in-depth guide to help you get the most from your product images. Check out the first part of the guide where we discuss why are product images so important to an online retailer?
Why Are Product Images So Important For An Online Retailer

While it’s still possible to slap an out of focus cameraphone picture on a classified ad website to get rid of your old couch, product images for Ecommerce have to be optimized for their presentation and context if you hope to compete in the crowded online marketplace.

It’s almost impossible to sell anything on the Internet without a quality product image. Online shoppers have too many alternatives to choose from, and if they can’t get an excellent visual impression of the product they’re interested in, they’ll click away in an instant and find an Ecommerce website that gives them what they need to make an informed purchase. Many E-tailers make the mistake of lavishing attention on product descriptions, specifications, and other selling points, but simply paste in any product photo they have handy.

Product Images for Ecommerce

A survey of the top ten online retailers, measured by conversion rates per unique visitor, shows that companies that display product images for Ecommerce that have the following attributes are winning the online retail race:

  • They Show Details of the Item– There are a couple of ways to incorporate detail into your product images for Ecommerce. Shoppers almost always prefer multiple views of anything they’re thinking of purchasing, and they’re keenly aware that a single, low-resolution photo might be hiding a problem with the item that the seller would like to avoid disclosing. Multiple images reassure buyers and sell products, and E-tailers can even outperform brick and mortar stores where the wares are mostly packed in boxes and not on display. If space constraints limit the amount of images, then at least make sure to use a high-resolution picture that shoppers can zoom in on and see what they’re buying
  • They Show the Product In Use– It’s become customary to strip out the backgrounds of product images and display the goods without any extraneous objects in the frame. That functions only as a visual description of the item. The best product images for Ecommerce give the buyer a sense of what the item is for, and what it will look like in use. Successful furniture E-tailers report a remarkable increase in sales if their single items are shown in room settings with other pieces of furniture and decoration. Even if no people are shown in the photos, try to show the item you’re selling in an attractive setting that shoppers will recognize and want to emulate
  • They Show People Enjoying the Product– Smart marketers know that facts and specifications about a product are important, but shoppers react most strongly to depictions of the way a product will improve your life. Show users having fun enjoying your product to make sales skyrocket

In the next part of this guide we will look at some of the product imaging best practices, we will show you that there are some things that all great product photos have in common.