Get A Free iPad 2 with Clipapic

apple ipad 22 Get A Free iPad 2 with Clipapic

Get A Free iPad 2

Make a referral to us and get a Free iPad 2 оn Month 3 оf the contract

Clip A Pic is offering а FREE iPad 2 tо any new client referral starting wіth аn image editing contract (over £1,000 monthly). You wіll receive your hardware aftеr уоur 3rd payment installment of the contract.

We also sign an agreement with you to gauruntee that you get your iPad2!

How It Works

Clipapic is offering extremely generous commission packages to anyone that refers us to a new client. You DO NOT need to do any selling for us, just get us a referral/meeting and we’ll take care of everything else. We do all the selling, you just sit back and collect.

The commission will be a Free iPad2.

If you are an employee of a firm and you refer your boss, we will STILL give you a commission (and your commission agreement is kept CONFIDENTIAL!)

Our firm specializes in image editing, photo enhancement and website appearance. Our clients DO NOT need to have a website to make use of these services.

Friends / Family with new or growing businesses
Your clients or the clients of your firm
Your own firm

If you think you know anyone who’s business could use these services  then please get in touch with me to discuss how we can arrange a meeting.

If you are a business owner and you want to use our image editing services then you will also be able to get a Free iPad 2.

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