The Complete Guide To Optimize Your Product Images for Ecommerce Success – Part 2 Product Image Best Practices

In this second part of our Complete Guide To Optimize Your Product Images for Ecommerce Success we will talk about some of the best practices you should follow for great looking product photos. If you missed the first part of our guide you can view it here.

5 Product Image Best Practices

Photography is a form of art. The artist, or the photographer in this case, retains an incredible amount of flexibility. Unlike other areas of work, the photographer is less restrained and able to take the creative liberties he desires. However, that does not mean that anything goes. There are several factors that great product photos share with each other.

product image best practices

Here are 5 practices that you should always keep in mind when creating great product photos!

1. Maintain High Quality

To develop great product photos, you must have high quality. We have mentioned it several times before, and there is simply no way around it. Let them see the product, as if it is right in front of them. To create the best product photos, high quality is the only way to go.

2. Use a Variety of Perspectives

The best product photos always showcase products and provide consumers when unique perspectives and alternate views. For the best results, give the customers the sensation of walking into a store themselves. Let your product photos be the windows that allow them to see the product in every way possible. For them to truly feel like they have the products in front of them, show the product from various angles, proximities, and perspectives.

3. Showcase All of the Colors and Variations of Your Products

Product photos help the customers see exactly what they are getting, instead of forcing them to try and imagine what their product might look like. Have a photo for each color and variation that the product is available in. This will prevent any nasty surprises for your customers and keep them from feeling disappointed when what they get is not what they expected.

4. Enable Zooming

No one wants to buy a product if they cannot see the product clearly for themselves. Allow customers to see the product with its finest details as well. Let them be able to zoom in and see everything for themselves. This will give the customers the clarity they need, so that they can be sure that the product is the right fit for them. However, make sure that the photo is clear for the customer as they zoom in. Blurry pictures does not do anyone any good.

5. Remain Consistent

To give customers best online shopping experience, make sure that you are consistent in your work. The decisions you make in taking product photos are not as important as keeping your decisions consistent throughout. The use of flash and a background is completely up to you, but make sure that you keep it the same for all of the product photos.

Always make sure that you use the same source for your product photos. You can decide to get the images from the manufacturer, hire another professional to take the photos for you, or take the product photos yourself. This is completely up to you.

With these practices in mind, you will have the best product photos possible!