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Welcome To Clipapic

Welcome to Clip A Pic. is the leading image editing and clipping path company that delivers high quality and volume image clipping services at a lowest possible cost. By outsourcing your clipping path needs to us, you can concentrate on the bigger picture. offers the highest quality work in the industry. With some of the lowest prices around and our speed of service, we add valuable hours and profits to your day.

Remove any background from an image using our clipping path service. Clip A Pic specializes in image clipping that generates quality flexible and convenient to use clipping paths of your scans, gifs, jpegs and illustrations. Our background removal service is quick and easy to use. At a price that is very affordable.

The clipping path service will not go through an automated process but instead done “by hand” to generate high quality clipping paths suitable for printing, software development, web design, illustration and other purposes. Our artists will recreate your designs, creating image clipping that no automated software and few other services can match. Peruse our image clipping conversions.

Our services now include image manipulation, photo masking, image airbrushing and photo restoration. Contact us to find out more on our new services.

Feel free to try our Free Trial for business customers by clicking below.

Clipapic provide image editing and clipping path services to a variety of businesses including:

  • Printing companies 
  • Catalogue Companies 
  • Commercial Photographic Studios
  • Domestic Photographic Studios
  • Graphic Design companies
  • DTP-studios
  • Lithographers / Prepress companies
  • Database publishers 
  • Publishing companies 
  • Advertising / communication / design agencies 
  • Chain stores / franchise corporations
  • Mail order companies 
  • General (private) use